What is TWL?


We are here to help you discover what you’re capable of. We do this through providing everyone - from the beginner signing up to the gym to the athlete throwing down in their next competition - with high quality products and expert advice all in the one place. To inch you closer to your limits, break them, and go beyond what you thought was possible.


We are here to help you discover what you’re capable of. We continue to push the boundaries and evolve to support every aspect of your active lifestyle. 

The WOD Life is built on humble beginners, but always innovating and driving our community forward in the next evolution of fitness and training.

We support every athlete from the beginner signing up in the gym, to the seasoned athlete competing in their next competition. We design, source and manufacture high-quality products matched with expert, experienced advice all in one place. We aim to service all athletes and provide an experience like no other.

We recognise that there isn’t just one methodology of training to meet your goals, that it adopts many different forms. It isn’t just one hour of your day, it’s a lifestyle, it’s  24. 7. 365.

We celebrate and embrace the community, appreciating the sweat, passion and dedication involved to inch you closer to your limits, break them and go beyond what you thought was possible.

Welcome to TWL. The Home of Training.

[wɔ́d] noun
(Workout of the Day) The routine you'll be doing when you hit the gym, the movements and the structure of the workout.



Strength in Community

Because we’re part of it. We aim to bolster the community through putting on events, sharing advice and offering a wide range of products that we’d use ourselves.


Rise & Conquer

To be the best, you need the best. That’s why we only sell products we believe in or would use ourselves. We understand that you, our customer has concerns, wants and needs and we aim to recommend products that will solve, aid and benefit your training.


Push the Boundaries

There is no such word as can't in our book. We believe personal bests are made to be broken. Our obsession with pushing boundaries fuels our performance pursuit of greatness. Whether this be in our training, our product or the experience. We strive to innovate, evolve and grow.


Uphold the Highest Standards

We stand firm on the pillars of quality, honesty, transparency and ethical conduct. We forge trust with our community, valued partners and devoted team.  


Forge a Greener Path

We shoulder the responsibility to preserve our planet’s future. By offering eco-friendly and responsibly sourced products, we minimse waste through our supply chain. Together we ignite the spark for a greener and more sustainable world.

Get in touch

Got a question? Want to collaborate? Looking for a job at one of the fastest growing companies in the training segment? Contact us at support@thewodlife.com. In the meantime, join us on one of the many online platforms.

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