TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED
TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED
TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED
TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED
TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED
TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED

TWL - Essential Accessory Bundle - ARTISAN RED

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Bundle Includes:

  • 1x TWL - Everyday 4" Velcro Lifting Belt - Artisan Red
  • 1x TWL - Everyday Knee Sleeves - Artisan Red
  • 1x TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - Artisan Red


TWL - Everyday 4" Velcro Lifting Belt 

The TWL Everyday 4" Velcro Lifting Belt is a strong but comfortable weightlifting belt to assist you with putting kilos on your lifts regardless of your size or skill level.

The latest version of our best selling TWL Velcro Weightlifting Belt now includes a knurled metal 'TWL Strap Lock' and a super tough zipped storage bag.

The TWL Strap Lock allows you to loosen the belt between sets without the inconvenience and time loss of fully removing your belt. This allows you to quickly move between a cardio and weightlifting movement.

The TWL Strap Lock also means that the buckle plays a much larger role in securing the belt allowing for longer velcro life.

Unlike other brands that add a plastic version of our TWL Strap Lock, the TWL Strap Lock is made from metal meaning it wont snap mid lift or break if someone accidentally steps on your belt in the gym.

The knurling on the TWL Strap Lock helps grip the belt strap ensuring it doesn't come loose.

The new zipped storage bag will prevent your belt from getting damaged in transit, allow you to easily store your belt and even has a clip so you can hang your belt on the outside of your gym bag or backpack to make it even easier to transport your belt.


  • A knurled metal TWL Strap Lock removes the reliance on velcro to secure the belt on heavy lifts
  • 4 inch/100mm width
  • Soft bound edges make the belt extremely comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Flexible and durable closed-cell foam core
  • Inspirational message on the inside of the belt
  • TWL zipped storage bag included
  • Velcro for patches. Check out our patches collection here.

Size Guide:


  1. Measure around your waist with a flexible ruler or a piece of string.
  2. Do not use your pants size as a guide.
  3. Take into consideration that you will often suck in when tightening your belt.

TWL - Everyday Knee Sleeves

Developed with passionate weightlifters, the TWL Everyday Knee Sleeves have been carefully designed to be both functional and practical.

Featuring a number of improvements on traditional knee sleeves you may have used in the past you will be thinking 'how has nobody thought of this before?'

Designed to provide compression, support and warmth to the knees, the TWL Everyday Knee Sleeves can reduce knee pain, promote blood flow and reduce the strain on your knees, giving you a bounce out of the bottom of your squat to assist with heavier lifts.


  • Anatomical fit with a 4 piece design for comfort and maximum support
  • Two pull tabs to assist in getting the sleeves up your legs and into the correct position
  • Compression to provide support and warmth
  • Prevents strains and wear and tear on the knee joint during physical activity such as weightlifting,
  • Coated with an antimicrobial and anti-stink nano spray to keep your sleeves smelling good.
  • Contains a breathable mesh bag to keep your TWL Everyday sleeves together in your gym bag.
  • Available in 5mm and 7mm variants
  • Hand wash in cold water

Material: neoprene material

TWL Advice: If you are using these knee sleeves for general gym use, walking, gymnastics, running, riding or just for some protection, we recommend that you select the 5mm variety. The 5mm sleeves will give more flexibility than the thicker 7mm knee sleeves.

Approximately 2mm thicker than the standard 5mm sleeves, the 7mm Sleeves provide a firm, comfortable fit up to the challenge of power lifts, olympic weightlifting or strongman/women training.


The WOD Life Top Tip: If you are purchasing this item for a tighter competition fit we recommend you select one size lower than our size chart suggests.

As part of our commitment to cutting out single use plastic at TWL, these knee sleeves will arrive in a reusable mesh bag.

We recommend keeping this bag and using it to keep your knee sleeves separate in your gym bag, keeping them together and easy to find.

TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 

If you experience wrist soreness from holding the bar in your front rack or overhead, the TWL WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 may be the solution you are looking for to reduce pain and provide support.

We have refined our best selling Wrist Wraps even further with the one size fits all length of 45cm.

The included reusable zipped storage bag is perfect for separating your wraps from other products in your gym bag and can even be clipped onto the outside of your gym bag or backpack.


  • 2" extra wide velcro grip ensuring they stay wrapped throughout your workout
  • One size fits all length of 45cm makes them perfect for every athlete
  • Strong yet softer material allows comfort for the longest of WODs or Lifting Sessions
  • Flat thumb loop for superior fastening and piece of mind
  • One size fits all
  • Includes TWL zipped storage bag.
  • Sold in Pairs

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